10pcs Assorted Sheet Masks

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The product provides enough moisture and nutrition to skin exposed by stimulation from outside,
and its active component forms protective coat helps moisture not evaporate to moisturize on your skin,
The moisturizer and softener make your skin healthy, energetic and clean with enough moisture and nutrition .

Notes when using

1. Use cosmetics if the following abnormalities persist, you should stop using it. If you keep using it, it will make your symptoms worse. Please consult your dermatologist.

A) When there is an abnormality such as red spot, swelling, or itching during use

B) When the applied part is abnormal as above by direct sunlight

2. Scarred areas, such as eczema and dermatitis, please do not use the site.

3. Storage and Handling Precautions

A) Use immediately after opening.

B) Keep out of reach of infants and children.

How to Use

1.Clear the facial skin, remove the mask

2.Place the white pearl film outwards, the mask affixed to the face

3.Apply the mask,light securing it on the face lightly

4.Relax for 15-20 minutes

5.Remove the mask,then excess essence pat to absorb

10pcs Assorted Sheet Masks

Snail Mask

Moist snail slime extracts quickly deliver water and natural minerals to the tired and sensitive skin,

soothes skin irritation, help in prove to silky skin.

This snail hydrogel mask is uniquely manufactured from 100% snail slime which contains natural

anti-aging properties. This snail mask melts within the skin to enhance it and keep it moisturized.

It nourishes the skin to bring out a natural radiance to the skin. This snail mask adds nutrition to the skin layers

to do away with signs of aging and ensures that the skin remains healthy and young.

10pcs Assorted Sheet Masks


This is a sheet-type containing aloe extracts.

Theexcellent hydrating effect of aloe will leave dry

and tiredskin looking smooth and vibrant.

This hypoallergenic masksheet stays attached to the face along

with the natural skintexture, and will provide a soothing comfort for your skin.10pcs Assorted Sheet Masks


The cucumber has much moisture and Kalium ingredient.

The cucumber cool down and relax stimilated skin under ultraviolet rays.

Specially, the cucumber is good humectant for dry skin Kalium ingredient discharge Natrium from human body and stabilize blood pressure.

10pcs Assorted Sheet Masks

Blueberry Mask

Blueberry Mask provides rich nourishment and elasticity.

It creates a smooth moisturizing barrier for healthier, radiant skin.

10pcs Assorted Sheet Masks


Propolis extract that has ample of amino acid and mineral gives nutrition

and moisturizes dried skin and makes moist and healthy skin.10pcs Assorted Sheet Masks


The fresh sheet-type mask containing Olive extracts to whiten rough

and dry skin clearly and brightly adheres to the skin,

so that the skin texture needs to be moisturized can be freshened

and tightened without stickiness.

10pcs Assorted Sheet Masks


With its incredible antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties and ability to encourage radiant skin, the pomegranate has been incorporated into skin care;

especially anti-aging and sun care products. It can help with a number of skin care issues, including dry skin, age spots, hyperpigmentation, acne flare-ups and acne scars. Pomegranate massage pack,

containing extracts of Pomegranate and several cosmetic ingredients, nourishes and leaves your face fresh and provides your rough and tired skin with pleasant softness and resilience.

10pcs Assorted Sheet Masks10pcs Assorted Sheet Masks10pcs Assorted Sheet Masks10pcs Assorted Sheet Masks10pcs Assorted Sheet Masks10pcs Assorted Sheet Masks


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